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A simple DNA testing process that educates consumers on the right products and ingredients suitable for their skin, based on their DNA.

A young Aussie entrepreneur, passionate about beauty and skin science will have his invention, SkinDNA ™ showcased on one of the world’s leading morning chat shows, Good Morning America on Tuesday 27th November, after lifestyle anchor, Lara Spencer discovered and trialled the product herself.

Stefan Mazy creator of SkinDNA; a simple at-home DNA test kit which provides consumers with a blue-print of their skin’s DNA to combat ageing and is making a big impact overseas after it was recently shown on the hit US talk show, The Doctors which airs in Australia on TEN.

Sydney based, Stefan came up with the concept after seeing a gap in the market for a simple testing process that educates consumers on the right products suitable for their skin based on their DNA. Stefan approached a team of doctors with his idea and set forth to change the way consumers think about their skin.

Stefan says: “SkinDNA is revolutionising the way we take care of our skin, this is the future of an industry and the key to combating skin ageing before the signs even appear. All this information is found inside us buried in our unique DNA blueprint”.

A recent report revealed; Aussie’s are spending more than ever on beauty and possibly on the wrong products. Imagine having a blue-print of your skin that tells you exactly what products will work specifically for you? Well Stefan says this Aussie invention using a swab test to identify your skin’s DNA can help to create customisable skincare routines/laser treatments programs for your skin and has hailed it as the latest holy grail in scientifically combating premature ageing and predicting genetic skin dispositions.

Using a non-intrusive swabbing of the inner cheek, the SkinDNA sample is analysed with the proprietary DNA DermXT micro-chip technology developed by a worldwide collaboration of scientists. The client’s sample data is used to create a personalised guide that allows them to advance beyond the ‘one-size-fits-all’ suggestions – using the right skincare products targeted to their own genetic blueprint. This custom tailored preventative skincare and health program allows the client to achieve the optimum levels of skin protection and long-term health.

SkinDNA is now available in Australia, USA [SkinShift – by Dr Ruthie Harper], Brazil [DNAage], China [VITA-Genes], Canada and United Kingdom. According to Advanced Dermatology’s Dr Sarah Freilich, “SkinDNA is one of the most exciting, eyebrow-raising developments out there in the skin health and skincare arenas”.

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