Discovering Your Individualized Skin Care Program

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Both from a medical and anti-aging perspective, it is important to care for and protect your skin… Start with your Genes.

There are 7 major factors that contribute to an increase in the rate at which your skin ages:
  1. Inherited qualities: skin colour, type, thickness, sensitivity (the list goes on).
  2. Overexposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (not only aging, but can cause skin cancer).
  3. Lack of hydration in the body (water, water, water).
  4. Lack of a balanced diet (you are what you eat).
  5. Lack of protection against harmful environmental factors (weather, pollutants).
  6. Not implementing a daily skin care program (however simple it may be) designed for your individual needs.
  7. High stress level (your skin wears your stress).

Start With Your Genes

Until recently, we mainly relied on professional advice, product knowledge, plus trial and error to choose the right skincare products. Thanks to the discovery of DNA, we can move beyond the skin’s surface to find the ideal program. There is a simple skin DNA test available to determine skin’s unique qualities (the 0.1% of DNA that makes you different) that directly affect the rate of aging.

The results not only identify your skin’s genetic health in five areas: Firmness + Elasticity; Wrinkling; Sun Damage + Pigmentation; Free Radical Damage; Sensitivity + Inflammation, but recommends personalized nutritional supplements and topical ingredients that can contribute to your skin’s proper health and wellbeing, based on the deficiencies outlined in the test results.

From Sceptic to Believer

After preaching the value of skin care and protection over the years, I finally decided to have my skin DNA tested. I must admit that I was a little sceptical about the value of having the test done at my age (it’s like shutting the gate after the horse escapes). But after talking to Olwen Hyross, SkinDNA’s™ Canadian Distributor, I realized that it’s never too late (time to take my own advice).

I was guaranteed that the test was not connected with a specific brand of product. The topical recommendations would be from an ingredients point of view, and would help me choose the right products for my skin.

Let the Test Begin – How it Works

The test was over before it started – one inner cheek swab was all it took. Now the wait for the test results – it was surprisingly short.

The results were extensive, but very easy to understand. SkinDNA ™ looks at fifteen markers or genetic variations in the DNA, called SNPs, that affect normal gene functioning. The number and location of these variations determine your genetic score in each of the five areas of skin health, previously listed. The results are presented with your overall Risk ranging from High to Low Risk, with Low Risk being the optimum results.

Although an average score is given along with your percentage score, you cannot pass or fail this test, as results are personalized. The Risk factor in each category and the percentage score given can lead to a highly pre- ventative approach to improve the health and future of your skin.

The End Results

I am at high risk in two of the five areas: Wrinkling (I didn’t inherit my Mother’s skin) and Sun Damage + Pigmentation. I am at Medium Risk in Sensitivity + Inflammation. Along with a very detailed report, I was given a Clinical Prescription sheet that includes recommendations for topical ingredients and nutritional supplements (vitamin C and glutathione here I come).

Fortunately, I have always been aware of my skin’s sensitive and highly dry nature. What I did learn is what ingredients of greatest importance to include in my products and supplements.

It’s definitely worth the test.

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