Interview with The “Six Boys of Beauty”

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DNA Magazine – 2013


Wrinkling, sagging skin, sun damage.
What new skincare technology rarely interests me – but the SkinDNA Genetic Test got me excited! DNA Magazine interviews Stefan Mazy from SkinDNA

Will: New skincare technology rarely excites me but Skin DNA got me tingling. Tell me more about it.


Stefan Mazy:
Imagine if you can use brand name skincare products specifically suited to your genetic make-up, or undergo skin treatments that will actually work for your skin. Imagine if you could predict how your skin would age? This may all sound like science fiction, but it’s now possible. Skin DNA is… well, a DNA test for skin.

Skin DNA is tailored to helping men and women find out what exactly is the best thing for their skin. It’s a simple at-home saliva swab test that analyses your skin’s genetic make- up and, using science, can accurately predict whether wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, firmness or elasticity will be the biggest problems as time goes by.

With the results comes the knowledge to apply the right skincare regime and products. It’s very common that people are using the wrong skincare. There are advantages to knowing what skincare to use. When people know what might happen to them in the future, they would be more aware about what kind of treatments they should be doing to their skin now.

Will: You checked my DNA. What did you discover? Was I immaculately conceived and born in a manger as my mother suggests, or is it just skin stuff you analyse?


Stefan Mazy:
Sorry mister, no magic tricks here. We’re all about science, the good, the bad and the ugly. Your results revealed that you were:
High Risk for a process called Glycation – unprocessed sugar binds to collagen fibers causing them to break creating wrinkles. My advice to is hit the gym, incorporate blueberry extract and green tea extract into your skincare and lower your sugar intake.
Medium Risk for sun damage and pigmentation – in particular how well you can tan (melanin production). This crucial component is what protects you from the sun (fake tan doesn’t count). Tanning issues can leave you very prone to pigmentation, wrinkling and accelerated skin aging, as well as a few other nasties like cancer. My advice: photo protectant ingredients like vitamin C and zinc in your skincare program. Lycopene and green tea extract as supplements and sun exposure for 10 minutes twice a week between 11am and 2pm to help get your body used to producing melanin.
Medium Risk for loss of firmness and elasticity – basically your body is breaking down collagen faster than it can produce it which means overtime gravity will become one of your nightmares; much sooner than other people. My advice is use retinol, CoQ10 and some peptides in your skincare. Also include Soy in your diet and LED treatments once a week.

Will: Look into your crystal ball. At what age will Will Fennell officially look old?


Stefan Mazy:
In my eyes you’ll be young forever Will, however, according to the data if you don’t do anything expect to see a speedy decline in the next two years. (At this point I put down my pen and contemplated stabbing him with it).

Will: For the non-believers out there, convince them.


Stefan Mazy:
The science is there. The proof is there and a 50 billion dollar industry can’t be wrong. If everyone were the same, there wouldn’t be so many skincare choices. Just like knowing your genetic risk in developing Alzheimer’s disease or lung cancer in the medical world and doing what you can to minimize the risk, Skin DNA is designed as a solution to better tailor particular aging traits before they become apparent.

It’s just like saying, do you start to go to the gym when you become obese and depressed or do you go to prevent this from happening in the first place? Better yet, what is going to be cheaper, preventing or fixing? Skin DNA is being used to advance beyond the one-size-fits-all suggestions. Gone are the days where we say, “eat an apple a day” or “just wear sunscreen and you’ll be fine”.

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