Long-term Solution to Aging as Simple as DNA

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The Morning Bulletin – 2014


Shenae Dunbar is hoping she can turn back the aging process of Central Queenslanders with a simple DNA test. The co-owner of La Belle Beautique with Deeann Palmer, said sun damage was a big thing in the region.

“Our clients are concerned of aging earlier because of the harsh climate,” Shenae said. And with a new product they have brought to Rockhamptom, Shenae said they have taken the guess work out of skin care using a product called SkinDNA to tailor products to suit specific skin requirements.

“I think it is easier for clients to trust scientific results.”
Describing how they take a simple swab of skin cells from a client’s cheek (inside their mouth), a lab will then test for five different skin problems, which include elasticity and firmness, sensitivity, wrinkling, sun damage and pigmentation and free radical damage.

“It’s kind of like predicting the future.”

The results will enable Shenae and Deeann to not only prescribe the right products for their clients to use at home they can help with in salon treatments to further enhance results.

“Clients wants to see results immediately.”

By investing in the SkinDNA clients can save in the long run, as it takes the guess work out of what are the right products to use for various skin problems, saving both time and money.
“It is a quick and easy test, there is no pain, and the results come back 7-10 working days after the test is done.”

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