Personalised Skin Care Is Now A Thing

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Just when we thought the beauty geniuses had come up with every cool innovation possible, they’ve gone all sci-fi on us with a service that personalizes your skin care as determined by your DNA.

Forget testing skin care products on the back of your hand at the beauty counter – a cheek swab and lifestyle questionnaire could now be the ticket to identifying the ingredients and products that’ll give you your best skin yet.

An Australian skin genetic testing service, SkinDNA, looks at five categories in your DNA; skin firmness, glycation, sun damage, free radical damage and sensitivity. A skin therapist then uses the most suitable active ingredients to keep your skin looking younger, firmer and healthier for longer. Brilliant, right?

But personalized skin care doesn’t end there. Skin Inc, which is sticked at Sephora, has a personalized skin care product called My Daily Dose. It is a set of three serums that are custom mixed at home. The formula is comprised of up to three active ingredients, with the potency of each prescribed based on a questionnaire.

If you’re after custom hydration. Bespoque has got you covered. They have a service which tailors a moisturiser to your skin’s needs based on your skin type and lifestyle.
Seriously, what will they think of next?!

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