Tailor-Made Health

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Tests that promise to deliver personalised health and wellbeing plans to make the traditional one-size-fits-all approach seem old school. Karen Fittall discovers what’s available

In recent years, genetic testing has jumped out of laboratories and into our living rooms, with tests that promise to shed light on everything from the type of exercise your body responds best to, to which skin-ageing concerns you should be most worried about, based on your DNA. Dubbed ‘lifestyle genetics’, here are a handful of tests available in Australia that promise to help you personalise your approach to staying healthy.

The test: SKINDNA (skindnacare.eu)

What it promises

A personalised skin profile based on what your DNA reveals skin’s individual ageing risk factors, so you can tailor your skin care routine to suit. You’ll also be given suggestions about products and skincare ingredients to help tackle the problems you’re most at risk of.

The Details

Your mouth swab is assessed for 16 genetic markers linked to five different skin-ageing categories, including whether you’re genetically predisposed to premature wrinkling, based on how quickly your collagen breaks down; how well-equipped your skin is to cope with the sun; and how it fights free radical damage.

What you need to know

The test is only available via a face-to-face consultation at more than 400 clinics around Australia. Prices start at $299.

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