This Skincare Solution Guarantees Results

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This Skincare Solution Guarantees Results

The bespoke aspect of luxury brands is now transcending into the beauty industry with lotions, ingredients and packaging being personalized to suit an individual.

Pushing the envelope wide open was the advent of human genome mapping in 2003, which put a spotlight on how we manage our skin’s ageing by studying various genetics.

Stefan Mazy, founder of SkinDNA, an Australian skin genetic testing service, believes the possibilities are limitless. Capitalizing on the idea, SkinDNA therapists have found a way to personalize your beauty routine, right to the last detail.

It begins with a cheek swab for a saliva sample, and then a questionnaire which factors in your lifestyle and habits. From here, the SkinDNA labooratory analyses the saliva sample using 16 markers, or DNA sequences, within categories like firmness, glycation, sun damage, free radical damage and sensitivity.

The therapist then uses these results to customize a treatment program, focusing on the categories in which a patient is medium or high risk, using the most suitable active ingredients.

According to Sabrina Tna, founder and CEO of Skin Inc,
“In life, we customize a lot. Every morning we choose a different outfit and make-up palette. But what changes the most? The skin. So it’s important to customize skincare. This is not a trend. It’s a fact.”

Well, beauty solutions that claim to show guaranteed results and have science on their side are sure to do well, don’t you think?

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