Genomic Insights in healthy skin – by Stefan Mazy

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Aesthetic Medicine Conference 2012 – London


Professional Beauty boasts a fantastic seminar programme bringing cutting edge trends, and new advancements from the industry.

Conference Bio

Stefan has helped implement SkinDNA Technology across Asia, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Stefan has developed a comprehensive understanding of many medical aesthetic procedures for dermatological applications. These include Electro-optical Synergy (Elos), Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Light emitting diode (LED), Fractional, bi-polar RF and Infrared technologies. This combined knowledge along with his widespread understanding of genetics, its implications it plays with dermal protection, his across-the-board understanding of cosmeceuticals and its roles in dermal responses, has gained him a sound understanding of the skin始s aging processors and its biological responses.

His hands on approach to life始s challenges has allowed him to find his creative edge for marketing efforts, information interpretation, and in educating.

Stefan has a unique passion for the industry. His experiences accompanied by his ability and confidence to educate, train and captivate an audience with his unique speaking and learning styles, has gained him the advantage to talk, coach and implement anti-aging strategies in all degrees of dermal protection.

He holds 3 fundamental beliefs:

1) That he can make a difference by influencing and coaching one person at a time,
2) Prevention is the real key to ageless skin, and
3) Everyone can live beautifully longer.

Join Stefan to learn an overview of the following areas: What is DNA? What are Genes? What are Chromosomes? What are SNP’s and how it all links together.

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