Skin Aging is in the Genes – by Stefan Mazy

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Cosmetex 2014


The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS)
Welcome Cosmetex 2014 – the Asia-Pacific’s largest and most significant meeting devoted to Cosmetic Medical Practice..

1 International Education Department, SkinDNA, Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Imagine if you can recommend skincare products specifically suited to your client’s genetic make-up, or perform skin treatments using parameters determined by their DNA. It may sound like something from science fiction, but thanks to recent research in genomics it’s now become a reality.

Today, the field of cosmetic dermatology is on the brink of a scientific revolution. Thanks to recent advancements in the field of personal genomics, it has now become possible to take a genetic test to assess an individuals DNA; revealing their genetic propensity to intrinsic skin aging. This information can be used to empower individuals to make health-promoting lifestyle and dietary changes, and help skin professionals make more informed treatment choices.


The company privately profiled the action of 6,347 genes and – using genome wide association studies – they discovered more than 200 abnormal gene traits in the form of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) implicated in the health and wellbeing skin.


Most significant was the prevalence of some of the SNPs and the effect they had on the skin. Some f the findings include – thirty percent of the population were found to have a specific 2G2G polymorphism in the Matrix Metalloprotease one Gene – increasing their predisposition to increased collagen breakdown;

Polymorphisms in the ERC22 genes which having a population prevalence of 27 per cent, was associated with increased sensitivity to sunlight and heightened sunlight induced skin damage


The implications of these findings are vast. Not only have these findings allowed physicians and skin professionals to incorporate a cutting-edge genomics test into the care of its patients, it has also provided the tools to pave the way for new strategies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention plans. As the skin’s aging mechanisms are further identified, and further insights into the underlying processes of skin aging emerge, better strategies to prevent the undesirable effects if skin aging will change the way we care for our skin. SkinDNA is leading the way.

Stefan Mazy presenting in the Science Program,

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