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SkinDNA® offers beauty seekers a unique insight into the science and genetic predispositions of their DNA, starting with a simple DNA test, taken from a swab from the inside of the cheek.

No matter if you take the test in Sydney or Hong Kong, your swab will be analysed in the SkinDNA® laboratories within 4-5 days where you will then receive your comprehensive individual skin DNA profile.

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SkinDNA Founder, Stefan Mazy recently spoke with the team at Professional Beauty about all things DNA, skin science and the exciting new launch of BIOMIMIC Skincare!

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It’s never too late to focus on your skin health. And, given your DNA never changes, regardless of your life stage, a SkinDNA® test is a great way to start your skincare journey.

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Developed by SkinDNA® experts, each SkinDNA® test is put through a series of rigorous checks including proprietary algorithms, as well as our DNA database and lifestyle database to classify how an individual’s skin is more likely to age.


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How accurate are SkinDNA® test results?

A SkinDNA®® test is 99.96% accurate in analysing your DNA.

To ensure you are provided with the most accurate analysis, in addition to the DNA test, you’ll also be asked to complete a simple questionnaire.

Coupled with the DNA results, the skin profile questionnaire enables SkinDNA® experts to compare your unique profile against over 2 million others to determine the likelihood of developing specific signs of ageing.

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2 weeks 6 days ago

SkinDNA® is the world’s leader in skin DNA testing and the only company which uses the insights of DNA and lifestyle factors to guide product, ingredients and treatment recommendations to keep your skin looking youthful, healthy and glowing.


3 weeks 23 hours ago

After years of research on the role of geneticists on aging in partnership with leading cosmetic physicians, skin scientists and volunteer study participants, we have uncovered 12 skin functions that specifically influence the outcome of your skin health and what your skin is most at risk to aging from.


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Peptides & cellular turnover:

Peptides are present in human saliva and blood and can start to deplete naturally by the age of 20.

The benefits of peptides for the skin include – improved skin barrier, reduced wrinkles and more elastin in the skin.

Take a SkinDNA® test to understand if you are more at risk in accelerated peptide decline so you can look for skincare and supplementation to boost peptides and cellular recovery!


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Perform a SkinDNA® test from the comfort of your home in just three easy steps.

Collect: A swab from the inside your cheek will be collected and sent to the accredited SkinDNA® lab for analysis.

Diagnose: Within 7 days you will receive a comprehensive SkinDNA® Report, that ranks each genetic marker low, medium or high risk. From these results a customised skin health plan combining product, supplements and best professional treatment options will be created to guide you in your purchasing choices.

Prescribe: Using the results from the SkinDNA® Test we can confidently recommend an appropriate routine to prevent and correct skin concerns and preserve a more youthful looking skin.

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