It’s In The Genes

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DNA Profiles could lead to specially targeted skin products.

Moisturisers maintain a balance of the oil on our skin, but claims such as ‘reducing wrinkles’ and ‘defying age’ often simply refer to the reduction of damage from external factors such as pollutants or the sun. That’s why they often contain sunscreen, but they dont really make you younger. That said, people respond differently to moisturisers based on numerous factors – from their genetic makeup to their daily activities – and thats where the choice of product can make a huge difference.

It’s not realistic for a product to cater for every individual need of its customers, but a new product called SKinDNA might make it possible. Their DNA tests, available from can reveal information such as collagen breakdown, photo aging, wrinkling, oxidation and tolerance to surrounding pollutants. There’s just one catch: this isn’t a test you ca simply conduct at home – you have to send the swab in for analysis.

The site doesn’t offer specific products based on the genetic information, but it does point towards a future in which skincare can be made to suit individual needs. The company has already profiled more than 6,000 genes and they have a pretty good idea of how many people lack the specific gene needed to regulate sun protection.

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